A Fine Mess of Things

Nothing has gone quite as I thought. In fact, since taking on the role of Legate, it has been one crises after another. The Emperor took it upon himself to contact me – mainly to confirm the continuation of spice production.

At least there are no Imperial Observers on their way.

Let’s see…

The refinery blew up. The Botany Bay Mission tried to turn it into a political football. Their press constantly questioning my lack of statements or presence. All I can say is that my time was better spent not in front of the cameras… pfft.

We did approve the Great House status for House Zhangsun, I think. Somewhere after that the Major from the UAP got a little tipsy. The Myrmidons and Khan Jubilynn Lane got into it – heated and tense words.

Rumor has it that the Botany Bay Mission is leaving Araxes altogether.

Then Opine. She found me outside the courthouse and we went for drinks. In her lovely way, she sent the only other person in the bar – the tender – off to get some bread for us to snack on while I watched a copy of a security feed from within a ship. It was Darrian and Jade. And a second moonbaby.

Jade is alive.

Jade is alive. Living in 34 Tauri. Darrian sent her to school and has been behind an uprising on Jade’s homeworld – if I understood Opine correctly. In all honesty, I was too numb to hear or comprehend much after I saw her board the ship and another come down – given her signature helmet (sans teddy bear – Zeno still has it) and then shot in the face. That poor child.

Both of them.

If Opine hadn’t been there, I probably would have called on The Order, Imperial Forces, the UAP, and any other military or para-military group I could get a hold of to bring me Darrian’s head on a platter. That kind of behavior is what rash people do… not Companions.

I chased off someone who wandered in while we were still talking. So to cover up our lengthy private conversation in a public place, as she left Opine gave me a kiss. It was beautiful, loving, and supportive. And then it was on the cover of the scandal sheets…

“Who is the Legate’s Lover?!” “Legate Tereshchenko seen kissing unknown woman!”

At least that is better to talk about than a possible Ta’Seti invasion.

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